Monday, March 06, 2006

Little did I know

...that breaking up with M. would parallel a vast downturn in my finances. Let's not kid ourselves--it's not like M. ever really had any money either, nor was he some sort of poor prince who unselfishly slaved away for my benefit. However, at least going out, etc. I could count on him to pay for SOME things (though adnitedly at times it was like pulling teeth).

God that all seems like a million years ago. I think about him pretty frequently, but almost more with curiousity and a vague, fondness as though he was my idiot cousin, rather than any sort of longing.

So here I sit, rotting away at my freelance job at a celebrity weekly magazine, sifting through all the Oscar coverage and pulling out the ridiculous tidbits our readers seem so fervently fond of. Earlier today I was jealous looking at all the stars and their anorexic asses but then I remembered how they all live in fake worlds: fake bodies, fake faces, no minds and fake relationships and I said to myself, I've got it pretty good! Now all I need is a hot piece of ass. Thursday is coming up and I am keeping my fingers crossed that my celebrity crush will turn into a date at least....


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