Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Considering I was just in LA, it's fitting I meet a guy at least on the fringes of the celebrity world. Leave it to me though to meet the less-than-desirable 44-year-old radio host who doesn't have much money and isn't really that smart--so of course I am oddly attracted to him! I didn't fuck him (playing the whole quasi-virginal thing really works. I should get an Oscar for my performance in that realm sometimes) but kissed him and he's definitely in love. I am not being mean, I swear! But who am I to turn the guy down when he says he wants to fly me out again, take me on a drive up the coast to taste wine, and treat me "like a princess"? I don't think that kind of thinking ever crossed M.'s mind. Oh and M. never called to wish me a happy birthday even though I had talked to him two day before and even reminded him (isn't that sad I had to remind the guy I went out with for years when my birthday is?).

I guess the only other thing is the Celebrity I met a couple of months back, another sort of oddball who I am definitely obsessed with. Thank God for the Internet! I befriended his publicist (not necessarily with any ulterior motives--and I lucked out because she is really cool) and she has taken up my mission of marrying this guy with a vengeance. I just found out last night that she has also enlisted his personal assistant in the cause as well. I am not sure exactly why I have embarked on this quixotic quest--is it because I am so sick of worrying about money that I want to marry a celebrity for security? I don't really think so. I could marry an rich guy for that purpose, ha, like A. who came to my birthday party! Maybe it's more like I like the romance of my own brush with celebrity? The one thing all of my past boyfriends have in common is that they made me feel special and cool somehow, almost in a show-offy way in front of other people. And not just because they were hot or whatever, it's because for some reason there was always someone else observing the relationship (e.g. one of their ex-girlfriends I didn't like, etc.) where it made me feel cool/triumphant or something to be in it. Dating a celebrity would be the height of that phenomenon. Does that make me fucked up?


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