Tuesday, February 14, 2006

V Day, part deux

The supposed (to my way of thinking) one-night stand from Saturday emailed me the cutest (and not cheese at all) V-day message! I can now christen him B. I am not sure why I am so excited. Perhaps it's the Valentine's bottle of wine or Magnolia cupcake I've just consumed or maybe it's that he's actually hot, has a big dick (and definitely knows how to use it, plus I wasn't at all shy about letting him go down on me) is smart (Ivy League biz school out of town) and is just sort of cute and nice. Plus really tall and manly! I forgot to mention that when we walked out of the diner at 4 a.m. Saturday night some dude said something like "Power couple, make way!" and B. said, "What?" and the guy repeated it and B. was like, "Did you hear that?!" to me, and was psyched about it. I got a good feeling about it. Of course I was too drunk to remember it until he emailed me but...who knows about this all. Here I was just sitting around being drunk and semi-feeling sorry for myself when I got this little jolt of good news! yay for doing the right thing (aka, breaking up with M.).


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