Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day, to me

I decided that I am dating myself tonight. I couldn't stomach spending tonight with one of my stalkers so I am heading out to buy myself a nice bottle of wine, some chocolate and steak and just hang out, watching movies and enjoying my own company. I really miss M.! I mean, I don't want to be with him and I know this is normal but yesterday at work I got kind of teary-eyed and emailed him at ike 9 a.m. (yeah, like he'd actually be up or something). I haven't heard back from him.

It's not as though we've had wonderful Valentine's memories or anything. The few we spent together were lackluster at best. Last year he took me out to a realy nice dinner but I was ridiculously sick and it was freezing rain outside and we got into a discussion about porn and of course I cried about the plight of women and we barely spoke for the rest of the night.

But yes, I miss him anyway. I did finally, FINALLY get laid this weekend! I met this really hot, sweet guy--a friend of a friend at a birthday party--and we danced all night and went out for breakfast and then went home and had hot sex. He was sooooo good and complimentary (thank GOD I'd had a premonition about wearing cute underwear) and we definitely enjoyed ourselves. However, I did not like sleeping next to him. He smelled nothing like M. and was a wierd sleeper. I woke up early the next day and lay there sweating and praying he would leave. So I woke him up and made him go. I am not sure if I will see him again (oh, did I mention he doesn't even live in NYC?) or if I even want to but either way he knows how to get in touch with me, so....we'll see.

In the meantime, I can't wait to get drunk and eat chocolates by myself tonight! I try not to keep wine in my apartment because I am afraid I will turn into more of an alcoholic than I already am but tonight is definitely an exception....


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