Friday, January 06, 2006


God I am such a train wreck. Long story short, I end up hanging out last week a few times with a guy who lives near M. (who lives outside of NYC with his parents at the moment) and comes into the city to stay with his brother sometime. He and M. go to the same freaking yoga class if you can believe it. I've known the guy, D., for a while and in fact used to have a crush on him when I was young because he was such a kick-ass basketball player. He's nothing to write home about but interested me more than any of the other suckers I've been dating recently. He's pretty hot actually.

In essence, D. tells me that M. is currently dating some chick who works at a restaurant where he hangs out. One of M.'s friends is dating D's ex-girlfriend. None of this makes me very happy. I furiously call M., demanding to know what was going on. Who do I think I am? I broke up with him for god's sake. Anyway, M. manages to get the whole story about where I heard all this out of me, and tells me that D. is a total wierdo freak who is stalking his ex-girlfriend.

Could this get more confusing? But after this conversation I did recall some comments D. has made over the last couple of weeks about the ex and the stalker thing kind of rang true, especially since he has been blowing me up about five times a day recently.

So I deleted his number (insurance against any drunk dialing regressions) and plan to never talk to him again. Another one bites the dust...


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