Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Holiday dalliances

I've been killing the holiday blues, as previously mentioned, with various holiday "dates." M. is in London living it up with some friends he's travelled with over the years, so in order to mitigate the loneliness I tend to feel in my minscule studio (especially when I can hear the sounds below from restaurants of people talking and laughing...God, what a drama queen I am) I go out as much as humanly possible. Lately I can only fall asleep with a buzz (or more), something which has me mildly concerned. M. has called me a couple of times, though, which is...nice? confusing? maddening? Don't know right now. Need some more wine to figure that one out.

At home for the holidays, I hooked up with my good friend's brother. He's funny and cute and a little older than me and I figured, why not? It all started as a bet with another friend of mine who wagered that he would NOT hook up with me because he has a girlfriend. Ha! is all I can say. Three hours and about thirty drinks later we find ourselves in a hotel room he had paid $89 for. We rolled around and fooled around and then....

His pants came off.

Now, he is a big guy: about 6'4", well-built, big hands, big feet, so I'm thinking the obvious. Once again, Ha! This time the joke was on me. His dick was the teeniest thing I have ever laid eyes (or mouth for that matter) on. I saw the blow job to fruition more out of fascination than anything. When it finally got "hard" it was barely any bigger than when we started. He was like a goddamn freak of nature!

That'll teach me to break my below-the-belt rule. I had originally instituted it because I missed the physical part of M.: sleeping next to him, his smell, his body, etc. I figured I could avoid any wierd emotional problems or anxiety by not letting guys sleep over or do anything more than some light petting (I fucking hate that term but I can't think of anything else to describe it right now). I haven't had sex since M. and I broke up in early October. Maybe I should have had the aforementioned guy stick around because it would probably save me a lot of pain when I finally remove my chastity belt.


At 12:22 PM, Blogger Clouddancer said...

I really feel with you....been there done that.


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