Monday, December 12, 2005

and then there was m.

I will call my next date lower-case m, or m#2. Now this is interesting: we meet at yet another event and it turns out he is from my hometown and I actually knew him when I was younger. A friend of a friend. We have a blast hanging out at the bar, talking wine, politics, music...we end up going to another place, drinking a couple of great bottles of wine, talking more and then making out like a couple of teenagers. I didn't absolutely love his hair (too slicked back) or his kissing (WAY too much tongue) but I was horny and happy enough to figure in my drunken haze that it wasn't a big deal--I can train those things right out of him.

I am excited waiting for m#2. to call. I am even more excited when he doesn't call for a few days. I start fantasizing about a wedding back home. It would be so convenient if I married someone from home! I remember his parents have a really nice house plus a vacation home so he has to have at least SOME family money. When M. and I first met, we hung out and then he went to a weding or something and didn't call me for a couple of days. I love that--it makes me deliciously crazy.

I knew m#2. liked me. I guess he was really patient (I vaguely remember some wine-drenched discussion about the delay of gratification), which is definitely not the way I do things. I generally gravitate toward people and activities that offer instantaneous gratification. But either way, by the time m#2 and I agreed to meet for dinner at my place that Thursday, I was on pins and needles. Actually, I was a nervous wreck, but relaxed as soon as he got there (and opened the wine).

That goddamn slicked hair is the first thing I notice. He's not some Italian stallion. He's just a cute guy in a suit. M. used to try to play the gel game too but I nipped that habit in the bud. I didn't feel like it was appropriate for me to reach up and muss up m#2's hair until it was more of the cute mop top I think it should be. Oh well, for now.

We talk and talk, which is welcome and frankly, hot. m#2 asks me what my day entails and listens to my (long-winded) response, at least pretending that he's really interested. This is a major part of what I had been missing with M. I was desperate for him to ask me questions about every detail of what I was doing. One time I was out of town for work and got in a screaming fight with him over the phone from my hotel room because he admitted (under intense interrogation) that he had absolutely no idea what I do professionally on a day-to-day basis. He claimed that he knew everything I am doing more generally speaking and that should be enough. I think not.

Anyway, m#2. and I start making out on my couch. No clothes come off (well...that's not entirely true but none of his came off) and he was very complimentary ("magnificent" he calls me!) and cute. He says a few random wierd things like he [eventually] wanted to "kiss [me] on the crotch" (gross!) and his tongue was still doing all the wrong things--he kissed like he was taking long licks of an ice cream cone and not in a tasty kind of way. But even this is not enough to deter me from my good time and when he finally has to leave because he had to be up at the crack of dawn, I don't want him to leave. I wasn't quite at the level of wanting him to sleep over--the day that happens is the day I am really going to have to say goodbye in my head to M. because I still literally can't imagine sleeping next to anyone else. I LOVED sleeping with M. Anyway, I have fun with m#2.

The nest few days I have a lot of plans and go out and drunk dial m#2 once if I recall. I see him again for a walk around the city and dinner on Sunday and I suddenly and acutely know I am not into him anymore. And it's not just my astronomical hangover talking (or thinking) here. I am just over it. He looks like a dork, kisses me on the street and his breath smells sour. But the good thing with m#2. is that I definitely think we'll be friends so I don't even feel the need to avoid him like the plague. Hopefully he'll just get the message along the way.


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